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Purchasing Policy

The Policies:

  • We strongly recommend hiring a licensed and bonded professional tile installer to install our product.
  • Our tile is for indoor use only. Clayhaus ceramic tiles are not rated for outdoor application.
  • Not recommended for floor use.  Clayhaus ceramic tiles are not floor rated.
  • Crackle glazes not suggested for high water use areas. If you do, we recommend using a high quality tile sealer to help prevent moisture from penetrating the surface, which may weaken the glaze over time or cause mildew.
  • Before installing, open all the boxes and pull samples from each to get a feel for glaze variation within the complete order. For a more even blend, pull tile from multiple boxes as you lay it out.
  • Variation in size, shape and color is an inherent characteristic of handmade ceramic products. These add to the beauty and character of our products and in no way are they considered to be flaws or defects.
  • Any questions of acceptability of the tiles as to color, design, size or quality must be resolved prior to installation.
  • All jobs are made to order -- No returns.
  • All sales are final. Cancellations must be made within 5 business days of order date.